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Transport Limitations and Restrictions

Dangerous Goods

There are a few of our cosmetic products that contain flammable substances and are therefore subject to delivery restrictions. This applies to e.g. nail polish, certain perfumes and nail polish removers as well as spray cans.


Although fashion is meant to be accessible to all, some of our cosmetic products are classified as dangerous goods and therefore cannot be delivered to all addresses due to transport restrictions.

Return Service

The easiest way to return a beauty product classified as dangerous goods is to use HILSTOR's original packaging, as it already bears the LQ label. Just make sure to fill the box with paper or filler material so that the item stays put.

The purpose of the label is to inform the carrier that the package contains flammable substances and that special transport requirements are set.

Fill the box with paper or filling material so that the item remains.

Follow the usual procedure for exchanging and returning items described on the delivery note.