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As The Hilstor Customer, You Need To Logged-in To Your Account. Refer The Product To Potential Customers, Friends, Family And Start Earning*(pre-conditions Apply).

You Just Need To Register Yourself As The Hilstor Customer To Get The Benefit Of This Scheme. Are You Already A Customer, Not Yet? FAQ Shipping and delivery

You Will Receive The Hilstor Cash Points Within 14 Days And After Fulfilling All Of The Below Conditions - If You Refer The Product With The Link From Your Account And Anyone Purchases The Product With The Same Link.

You Quality For This Program After You Make The Minimum Purchase Of 200 Kr From Your Hilstor Account.

Refer and Earn Hilstor products by becoming member


Refer products and Earn

You can earn while you shop. As the a Hilstor customer you refer the product to your friends, family or any other person or group and earn for the more purchases or cash withdrawal.

For the great shopping experience with refer and earn scheme, Sign-up here