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Gift Cards Policy

By purchasing HILSTOR Gift Cards, you accept these terms and conditions Terms and Conditions. HILSTOR reserves the right to interpret, modify, or terminate the Terms and Conditions without notice. The most recent Terms and Conditions will always be posted at hilstor.com.

HILSTOR Gift Cards may be used online at hilstor.com. You can use the HILSTOR Gift Cards to pay for the full value or part of the value of your selected item(s). If your purchase online is not completely covered by HILSTOR Gift Cards, you can use an additional payment method to complete the purchase. The receipt will always show the current balance of the HILSTOR Gift Cards used in the transaction. In addition, you can always check your current balance online at Hilstor.com.

You need to be 18 years or older, in order to pay with a credit card.

You will receive the HILSTOR Gift Card within 3 working days from date of order. HILSTOR will not be liable for any failure or delay in delivery. If you purchase a HILSTOR e-Gift Card it will be sent to the chosen recipient's email address immediately after the purchase is complete.

You are obligated to provide a correct address for delivery of the HILSTOR Gift Card. If you order a HILSTOR e-Gift Card you are obligated to provide a correct email address for delivery. If the address you have provided cannot be confirmed HILSTOR reserves the right to withhold the delivery of the HILSTOR Gift Cards.

Each online purchase of HILSTOR Gift Cards is limited to a maximum value of 2500 DKK. The online minimum value for HILSTOR Gift Cards is 100 DKK.

HILSTOR Gift Cards are valid for 2 year from the date of the last activation or purchase. At the expiry of the validity period, the HILSTOR Gift Cards cannot be used for purchase, reactivated nor can the unused remaining value be refunded.

The HILSTOR Gift Cards can be used until the balance of the card is zero. If the balance of the card is zero for three months, the HILSTOR Gift Card is invalid and cannot be activated or used again.

If you paid for your order with two different payment methods, you'll receive a refund on your second payment method first. For example, if you paid for your order with gift card and credit card, we will first refund you on the credit card. If the value of articles you returned exceed the amount paid with credit card, the rest will be refunded in the form of e-gift card.

You have a 14 days return period (beginning the day after delivery of your order) to cancel your order of HILSTOR Gift Cards purchased online and receive a full refund, excluding the standard delivery costs, and the cost of returning the card if such costs has been generated.

If you wish to return the HILSTOR Gift Cards, please contact to customer service or send an email to contact@hilstor.com

HILSTOR cannot be held liable for HILSTOR Gift Cards once activated, which subsequently are lost, stolen, inactivated or damaged. Treat your HILSTOR Gift Cards as cash.

HILSTOR ApS, is acting as the party responsible for all personal data that you provide HILSTOR with. HILSTOR therefore has a Privacy Policy outlining how your personal data will be processed and protected.

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